Silver Surfer – The Enslavers (1990)

Silver Surfer - The Enslavers (1990)

Publication Dates:...1990
Size:................224 MB
RLs:.................Son of Ultron|Empire


The Silver Surfer is plagued by dreams that are driving him mad. He travels to Earth to seek the only one that can help him, Mr. Fantastic. He passes out and lands in Reed’s country home. While resting, the Surfer’s dreams begin to control his Power Cosmic and bring the home into space. Reed awakens him before he runs out of oxygen.

The Surfer tells Reed of the dreams and the disappearance of all the people on Zenn-La. With Reed’s advice he returns to Zenn-La for clues.

After the Surfer leaves, Reed is attacked by an alien and captured. So are all the heroes of Earth. Then the residents of the planet. All of them. The Enslavers have arrived.

The Surfer finds a woman in distress, like in his dreams. This woman is Tnneya, who is the lover of Mrrungo-Mu, leader of the Enslavers. The Surfer goes to face off against him and save the people of Zenn-La, Earth and countless other planets. He has no hopw of winning and gives half his power to Earl Weygand in order for him to destroy Mrrungo’s power source.

The Surfer is nearly defeated when Weygand succeeds. Without his power, Mrrungo is defeated. Earth’s heroes thank the Surfer for saving them and he travels into space to return the former slaves to their homes.


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