War of the Gods (1991) – complete

War of the Gods (1991) - complete

Publication Dates:...1991
Issues:..............01 - 04
Size:................287 MB


Olympus was under siege in this epic cross over that began in the pages of the first issue of „War of the Gods.“ The peaceful home of the Greek gods of ancient myth was stormed by Lord Jupiter and his fellow Roman deities, who all desired a place on what they considered to be their rightful thrones. Meanwhile the natural principles of the universe were going haywire. Fire balls plummeted into major American cities. A violent Earthquake rocked the peaceful European nation of Markovia. Even the forces of magic seemed to be tearing at the seams and it was all due to the scheming of the sorceress Circe in her attempts to destroy the world and collect all the pieces for herself.

Writer / artist George Perez crafted this elaborate tale in his detailed style, alongside finishing artists Cynthia Martin, Russell Braun, Romeo Tanghal, Pablo Marcos, Vince Giarrano and Scott Hanna. Perez centered the story around Wonder Woman and her world but still included nearly every major character in the DC Universe. Not only did the action cross over into a dozen or so titles, but 3 of the 4 issues in this limited series included posters of DC Characters by Chris Sprouse. Finally, after a series of battles that involved the otherworldly New Gods and the walking dead corpses of former heroes and villains, Circe’s reign of terror was ended when Wonder Woman and her allies prevailed.


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